Advocacy Groups

Advocacy groups offer a way to connect to people in your country who are involved in improving the lives of people affected by X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (XLHED). These groups provide a way for researchers, health professionals, and patients to network and share information and resources. There are many organizations around the world that support the XLHED community.

By reaching out to a local advocacy group, you'll gain access to practical help and information about XLHED. Plus you'll get the latest medical news and information on local XLHED-community events.

Select your country from the list below to find a local advocacy group.

Get free genetic testing

Find out if you are a carrier for XLHED with FREE genetic testing. All you have to do is join the XLHED Network. You will be sent an e-mail if you are a candidate for testing. Please note that the genetic analysis is free, but you will be responsible for other costs related to the testing. These costs may include, for example, the doctor's office visit and having your blood taken. It's another important reason for you to join the XLHED Network today.